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List of documents of public interest within AGIFER

  1. Regulation on the organization and operation of AGIFER
  2. Organization chart AGIFER
  3. Announcements regarding the positions put up for competition within AGIFER
  4. Programs and strategies for carrying out activities
  5. Annual activity reports
  6. Annual reports on the application of Law no. 544/2001
  7. Information bulletin of information of public interest
  8. AGIFER budget
  9. Budget execution (statement of payments)
  10. The situation of salary rights
  11. Balance sheets
  12. Annual public procurement program
  13. Annual public procurement strategy
  14. Public Procurement Centralizer
  15. Public contracts with a total value of more than EUR 5,000
  16. Declarations of assets and declarations of interests of AGIFER staff
  17. Event Report Form
  18. Form "Accident / incident warning form for the railway"
  19. "Notification" form
  20. List of open railway investigations
  21. Preliminary investigation reports
  22. Final investigation reports
  23. Guides regarding the investigation activity
  24. Peer review evaluation report for AGIFER